Dennis R. Verges, the self-styled #BowtieBoss, has been competing, coaching, mentoring, and covering fight sports since childhood. Having been the boxing coach for Chicago

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14 responses to “Floyd Mayweather is Boxing’s Keyser S”

  1. “Guaranty?” Who proofreads this stuff?

  2. Avatar Jakob Kenney says:

    Maywheather is a douche

  3. Avatar Travis McIntosh says:

    Great article, guys .. ( Points out the good stuff as well .. )

  4. Avatar El'Azan Doneil says:

    Usual Suspect

  5. Avatar Obi Nwachuku says:

    Jacob..do you think….money care about you ?…..are your comment?

  6. Avatar Charlie Aragon says:

    If I want to watch running I’ll watch Usain Bolt on the track

  7. Avatar Patrick Keip says:

    Alot of people wont miss him.. I know I wont. Let him go beat some more women or spend his money in jewlery and cars..

  8. Avatar Christian Gutierrez says:


  9. Avatar Yeng Thao says:

    I am going to save my $$$ for Cotto vs Canelo!!!!!!

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