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David Estrada and Coach Fernando Hernandez

“King” David Estrada – January 30th, 2010. That was the date the unification match was supposed to have taken place between Shane Mosley, who at the time held the WBA welterweight belt, and Andre Berto, who held the WBC belt in the same weight class. It was a rather intriguing match-up; I was determined to publish an analysis on it, so who better to talk to?

Benjamin Mercado, Jr.
Ben Mercado, Jr. (BAM) is a lifelong boxing enthusiast who began writing about the sport during the late 90's, just a few years after joining Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts (where he trained in boxing and Degerberg Blend - a Mixed Martial Arts style which predates modern MMA). After joining Chicago Boxing News in 2010 as Managing Editor, he steered his focus toward the local scene in addition to the sport at large. Since then, he has covered a multitude of live promotions including ESPN Friday Night Fights, Solo Boxeo Tecate, ShoBox, Spike TV's Premiere Boxing Champions and HITZ Fight Night at Horseshoe.

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